Monday, December 15, 2008

Why have noses.

Why where the noses of the sphinx knocked off because they where used for target practice(bang bang) by Napoleon Bonaparte. If you where to look at a sphinx you would probably see that the nose and the ears where dimolished. POW! The reason for most of this vandalism acording to Al-Maqrizi (oh so scared) was to "remedysome religious errors." Sphinx in egyption meant "strangler."

Where did the head of Khafra go?!

The answer is know where because researchers think the Egyptions carved the head of Khafra in to the great sphinx. Oh my gosh. The discovers they had showed them that normally the head of the pharaoh that's in the pyramid on the sphinx amazing right. But some pharaoh's didn't have thier head on the sphinx it could have been a ram or a falcon (slms's school maskot) for example.

Who took off the nose off of the sphinx?

Sphinx vs our statues.

Oo the underworld. Most sphinx's purpose was to guard the enterance to the underworld. Scary. The spinx also protected the Pharaoh's body from enemies. There was only a couple of female sphinx's one was queen hatchipsut. The great sphinxguarded the body of king Khafra. Interesting huh? Well the sphinx was similar to some statues today but we don't have protecters of the underworld exceptfor the dead people kind of. The egyption mostly had the sphinx mad eout of some ston we hve our statues made out of a lot of things like metal.

The sphinx so cool!

The Alabuster sphinx (cool name) in Memphis the old capital of Egypt emerged in the fourth dynasty. Which represented a symbol of royalty. Wow! There are thousands more (thats a lot) but I don't think all of them had been uncovered. There is a path in Egypt that has hundreds of sphinx's along it. The sphinx had a head of a man ,ram ,falcon (psst thats our school mascot),and sometimes a jakel and then a body of a lion. Roar! Sphinx's where mythical beasts that represented "Horus of the Horizons." Thats cool.

O my gosh thats huge!

What's huge? Only the largest sphinx in the world! 260 feet long it is the largest. The sphinx at the pyramid in egypt. Made out of stone and that was hard to come by it that time. The great sphinx (thats the name of the one in egypt) guards the three pyramids of Giza. On guard! The sphinx had the head of king khafra (that's what the discoveries tell us) and the body of a lion. ROAR!